The Rightful Royals

((Part 1 of 2 pictures from my okay adventure at the zoo.

1: A pretty lotus/lily pad flower that I saw.

2: Weird Mohawk-y Victoria Ground Pigeons…they had red eyes :3

3 & 4: Black Tegu lizard, a pretty baby that got up close to the glass for his close up.

5: Ralph! (Aka a sign for the warthogs who weren’t out today :( )

6: CUTIES! I mean, the foxes themselves were sleeping in little boxes but Fennec Foxes are really adorable and I love them okay.

7: Pretty monitor lizard <3 I thought it was going to jump up and bite me <3

8: Marabou Stork sign. For some reason, it reminded me of KC, sorry!

9: Peahen, a very pretty lady~

10: A Peacock in all his feathered glory! (But seriously whoever named them had a vulgar sense of humour…I’m not sorry)